Virtual Reality Tours

The Pixel Artist team is here to create an interactive experience of your product.  We can merge virtual renderings with 360 degree viewers to offer unparalleled expression of your product.  We can then take these renderings and modify them while you watch to fine-tune the vision until it is perfect.  This process of digital virtualization will save untold money and time for nearly any project and can incorporate architectural design, landscape design and interior design to give you a holistic idea of what you previously only had on paper.

Our technology and techniques can be used to experience existing built spaces, virtually constructed spaces, and a hybrid of existing and proposed spaces.  Virtual Reality tours of existing spaces are a great tool for clients like real estate agents, who want to offer their clientele a remote experience of their inventory.  Virtual Reality tours of virtually constructed spaces offer clients like architects and builders to see, experience and modify their products before any construction begins.  Hybrid Virtual Reality tours are a great tool for existing built spaces that have not yet been furnished.  Why pay the materials and construction costs of staging a model home when you can furnish it virtually?  Our Virtual Reality products offer an experience to our clients like no other.